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ECOVE Recognized with High Distinction Award for Water-saving Performance from the MOEA

ECOVE is recognized with the High Distinction Award for Water-saving Improvement. Eric Tiao (right), President of ECOVE Environment Services Corporation, accepts the award on behalf of the company from Yi-Ling Chen, Secretary General of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) has recently announced the selection results of "water-saving guidance and improvement performance." The Tainan Energy-from-Waste plant, which is operated and maintained by ECOVE, has won the highest honor of special award for the non-industrial group. 

ECOVE is recognized again for outstanding achievements in sustainability with more than 210,000 tons of water saved every year (equivalent to the annual water usage by about 2,000 people) for the Tainan plant.

The Tainan plant has been in operation for more than 20 years, and the aging equipment had resulted in an increase in water consumption year by year. In order to achieve the purpose of sustainable water resources utilization, ECOVE implemented the equipment upgrading and improvement project for the whole plant, which was promptly completed within one and a half months, the shortest time ever for revamping project during plant operations in Taiwan. 

Completion of the Tainan plant revamping project helps to save more than 210,000 tons of water usage every year, effectively enhancing the waste treatment, power generation and other operating performance. This will reduce the emission of air pollutants, effectively implement resource cycling, and foster energy conservation and carbon reduction.

As an active practitioner for the concept of cycling economy, ECOVE gives new life to the old plants through equipment upgrading and improvement, effectively increasing their operational performance. Looking forward to the future, ECOVE will continue upholding the core spirit of "Every Resource Counts," implement cycling economy and promoting global sustainability.