All resources around us count.
How efficiently we make use of them impacts our world today, and tomorrow.



ECOVE to Greatly Boost Resource Cycling Efficiency, Says CEO Liao Looking forward to 2019, ECOVEwill continue expanding its overseas position and will strive for more project cooperation opportunities. This will be done to enhance the operation mode of Resource Cycling Efficiency and to show the world the strength and technological prowess of T

Key Technology


ECOVE Builds Occupational Safety Workplace ECOVE Environment Corp. has been actively building a healthy and safe occupational environment and establishing a safety culture of “Industrial Safety is the First Priority” through the participation of all employees.

ECOVE Innovation


ECOVE Provides Reliable Services for Track Safety “Safety First” is our only guideline. When work safety is not an issue, work efficiency is improved and the operation efficiency of the tracks and stations is equally enhanced. As a result, the public can enjoy safe and convenient mass transportation.

Hot News

ECOVE Wins National Sustainable Development Award With its “Every Resource Counts” spirit, ECOVE will incorporate SDGs into business strategies and utilize core technologies to practice corporate social responsibility.
ECOVE Receives Four Awards in TCSA ECOVE, the industry-leading resource cycling services provider, has long been dedicated to corporate and responsibilities economically, socially, and environmentally; the efforts have been recognized with four awards in “2018 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA)”, including: "TOP 50 Taiwan
ECOVE Wins ROC Enterprise Environmental Protection Awards With its “Every Resource Counts” spirit, ECOVE has demonstrated enhanced resource cycling efficiency for O&M services of Keelung and Tainan EfW Plant, and conducted environmental education combined with local characteristics.
ECOVE Delivers Speech on “Intelligent Operation Management of EfW Plants” to India Waste Conference ECOVE providing services in Operations and Maintenance, Commissioning, Revamping and Overhaul, and Upgrade and Improve Systems and Equipment. ECOVE's successful experience in the treatment of wastes was appreciated by Confederation of India Industry(CII)and has been invited to the “International Con
ECOVE Miaoli EfW Plant Opens for “2019 Taiwan in My Eyes 120h” On Jan. 22th, it exclusively arranged “2019 Taiwan In My Eyes 120h” group to visit the Miaoli Country Green Dream Plant and acquire knowledge of the treatments and technologies of domestic waste. ECOVE expected that participants could exert what they learned from ECOVE and promote the development of

Editor’s Words


As we send off the dog and usher in the year of golden pig, ECOVE wishes everyone a happy and prosperous new year. In the future, ECOVE will continue to enhance efficiency and expand business territory based on the safety culture. We are getting ready to bring you dazzling achievements in 2019.