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ECOVE Actively Engages in Campus Talent Recruiting across Taiwan

As the largest environmental resource management service company in Taiwan, ECOVE has been deeply cultivating its three major business fields of “EfW plants and mechatronics system maintenance, renewable energy, recycling and reuse.” With recent development of global sustainability trend, ECOVE has seen an expansion of its business area. This year, it has scheduled to engage in large-scale campus talent recruitment, expecting to participate in 8 campus recruitment sessions across Taiwan to recruit talents from fields including environmental engineering, electromechanical, machinery, and chemical engineering.

ECOVE believes that the development and growth of employees are important to the sustainable operation of the company. Therefore, ECOVE provides employees with training opportunities, and encourages them to strengthen professional competence by arranging professional training and personal development courses to further career development of colleagues. In addition, ECOVE is also committed to establishing a healthy and friendly working environment, so as to build consensus among colleagues, encourage them to give full play to work potential, and to grow and thrive together with the company

ECOVE provides its staff with rich learning resources, sound working conditions, and a well-established welfare system. In addition, bonuses and dividends will be distributed according to the company's earnings and personal performance to encourage colleagues with excellent performance. 

To learn more about details of job descriptions and job vacancies in demand, please visit Human Resources Section at ECOVE’s website