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ECOVE Environment Corporation is a resource management services provider that assists public and private entities in Taiwan, Macau, Mainland China, Southeast Asia, and the USA.

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Comprehensive Resource Cycling Services: Advancing the Power of Net Zero Action

Recognizing the urgent global impact of climate change, countries worldwide have declared their commitment to achieving "Net Zero Emissions by 2050" and have taken actions accordingly to effectively mitigate rising temperatures. In March 2022, the National Development Council released the "Taiwan 2050 Net Zero Emissions Pathway and Strategy Overview" to guide the green transformation of industries. Additionally, the escalation of fossil fuel and raw material prices resulting from the Russia-Ukraine war has made resource cycle and accelerated energy transition crucial challenges for businesses.

As a practitioner of resource cycling, ECOVE is dedicated to aligning with international trends, complying with government policies, and deepening its core business in waste management, recycling, and renewable energy on its path towards achieving net zero. ECOVE strives to connect Taiwan's resource cycling technologies with the international community and continuously assesses external environments and opportunities. Through technology adoption and collaborative research and development, ECOVE explores potential business opportunities in the decarbonization market.

ECOVE's efforts in net zero have yielded significant results in recent years. In the fields of waste management and solar power, ECOVE aims to provide integrated services to its customers. The Company has also expanded its presence in the recycling sector and demonstrated impressive carbon reduction achievements. ECOVE will continue to make tangible contributions to the sustainable development of the planet through up-to-date technologies and comprehensive resource cycling services.
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Our annual CSR report and survey allows all stakeholders to gain a better understanding of ECOVE’s actions and stance regarding corporate social responsibility (CSR). To help further improve our CSR work, please offer your feedback, suggestions and concerns by taking the survey below.

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