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ECOVE Received Multiple Occupational Safety and Health Awards for Building a Safe, Secure Work Environment

ECOVE's Tainan Chengxi Refuse Incineration Plant received the "2023 Occupational Safety and Health Excellent Unit Award" and the "Tainan City OSH Community Merit Award," as bestowed by Wei-Che Huang, Mayor of Tainan City.

ECOVE is committed to the HSE principle of "Safety First, Employees Foremost," and is dedicated to providing a safe and secure work environment for employees. It has received several awards for exceptional performance in occupational safety and health (OSH) field, including being listed among the top 10% of companies in the first edition of "Active Assessment of Public Occupational Health and Safety Indicators for Corporate Sustainability Report" organized by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) this year, the "2023 Occupational Safety and Health Excellent Unit Award" from the Ministry of Labor, and the "OSH Community Merit Award" from the Labor Affairs Bureau of Tainan City. 

For ECOVE, “zero occupational accident” is not just a slogan, but a firm and steadfast belief and the result of our actions. To continuously enhance our HSE management, ECOVE effectively applies intelligent technology by actively implementing data management and intelligent systems. Through intelligent management, we establish a better early warning mechanism for safety and reduce operational risks. Furthermore, it has made great efforts to implement a safety and health self-management system to enforce "operational security control," which identifies the high-risk factors of on-site operations by hazard identification and risk assessment to ensure the operational safety of our employees. In the future, ECOVE will continuously review potential hazards and risks in the work environment, creating a safer and more reliable work environment and striving for the goal of zero occupational accidents.