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ECOVE SEC’s Projects Receive 2023 Kaohsiung Photoelectric Smart Building Label Awards

Joy Chao (right), President of ECOVE Solar Energy, receives the 2023 Kaohsiung Photoelectric Smart Building Label Award from Su-Chen Weng, Chief Secretary of Energy Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Two rooftop solar power plants invested and constructed by ECOVE Solar Energy Corp. (ECOVE SEC), a subsidiary of ECOVE, for the first and second distribution reservoirs of the Kaohsiung Science Park have been selected as the winners of the 2023 Kaohsiung Photoelectric Smart Building Label silver award, a certification program organized by the Kaohsiung City Government.

Kaohsiung City boasts abundant sunshine and a well-developed industrial foundation. To facilitate energy transition, the Kaohsiung City Government has established this certification program to encourage enterprises to install smart solar energy systems in urban buildings. Excellent projects are picked out as benchmarks to enhance and optimize the construction quality of smart solar energy buildings. The award’s selection indicators include installed capacity, featured building designs, smart energy monitoring system, sustainability of maintenance, and the solar panels’ photoelectric conversion efficiency. The indicator for featured building designs specifically evaluates the design of building-integrated photovoltaics, the application of renewable energy facilities, innovations in design approaches, and the measures to achieve energy-saving and carbon-reducing buildings. The goal is to aim for an integration between photovoltaic facilities and buildings.

The two award-winning rooftop solar power plants designed by ECOVE SEC were constructed in a way that accommodate to on-site environmental conditions. The highlights include:
  1. The concrete roofs of the distribution reservoirs were mulched and planted to accommodate the installation of photovoltaic facilities, achieving land use diversification.
  2. The power-generating facilities were kept away from the maintenance entrances and ventilation openings to create a friendly working environment for maintenance personnel.
  3. A comprehensive operation plan was formulated to maximize power generation efficiency.
This project has been acclaimed by the judging panel for its comprehensive consideration of personnel safety, power efficiency and environmental protection, establishing itself as an exemplary design of building-integrated photovoltaic.In the future, ECOVE SEC will continue to expand the construction and operations of solar power plants at home and abroad, and also join forces with its green electricity supply business to help the government achieve the energy diversification goal.