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Serious about Safety: Ingraining Awareness and Implementing OHS Mechanism

As one the most reliable leaders in sustainable resource cycling, ECOVE offers project-based resource cycling services to governments and businesses across Taiwan, Macau, China, Southeast Asia, India, and the United States. Our comprehensive range of services includes waste treatment, electromechanical maintenance and upgrade, renewable energy, and recycling and reuse. Maintaining a people-oriented spirit, ECOVE actively cultivates a high-quality safety culture. The company ingrains safety behaviors in the minds of its employees and initiates risk control from the very beginning. Moreover, by diligently checking the rules before, during, and after operations, as well as implementing a safety mechanism, ECOVE upholds its occupational health and safety (OHS) commitment to prioritize the safety and well-being of its employees.

Reduce Chance of Human Error by Controlling Risk at Source

Many occupational safety incidents due to human errors are in fact preventable. To minimize such incidents, ECOVE actively implements risk isolation and control measures. These include risk identification and assessment before operation, checks and reminders during operation, as well as review and improvement after operation. These safety measures have yielded excellent results.

As an illustration of how ECOVE effectively manages its risks at the source, the company would require its staff to submit a work order application in the Maintenance Management Information System (MMIS) before carrying out any operation. Upon receiving the application, the project manager would need to carefully assess the work risks and environmental risks involved, ensuring that all operational risks have been fully identified before the tasks can be assigned to the appropriate personnel. Subsequently, the staff must adhere to the work order specifications and operation procedures, diligently confirming the suitability of personnel, be informed of hazards, inspect their work equipment, and wear proper personal protective equipment. They can also use Job Safety Analysis (JSA) to generate safety safeguard measures, which allows them to regularly review and remind themselves of the hazards involved, the appropriate protective measures that should be taken, and the required protective equipment that should be used for operations.

Management by Wandering Around, and Ingraining Safety Culture in Employee Minds

Employees are the company’s most valuable assets, and at ECOVE, we prioritize the safety of our employees. We consistently enhance our health and safety management, and request the site supervisors to manage by wandering around. Other measures that help us create a safe working environment include: Senior executives would visit and check the project sites without notice; carry out joint OHS inspections; observe the operational safety practices; and make behavior-based safety (BBS) observations.

To ensure that all staff have the same level of safety awareness and achieve the same level of safety practices, it is essential to ingrain the concept of “safety as top priority” in the minds of all staff, and make it the fundamental attitude in the workplace. Therefore, adequate preparation, training, control, and prompt emergency response are of utmost importance. To this end, ECOVE has implemented various OHS initiatives to enhance the awareness and safety performance across its subsidiaries, project teams, employees, and contractors. These initiatives include public OHS addresses, OHS training, emergency response drills, operational safety controls, and OHS management for contractors. As a result of these efforts, all ECOVE employees and the partners understand that it is their common goal to “ensure safety and effectively minimize disasters.”

From time to time, ECOVE would organize an event called “Safety First,” where all employees are encouraged to come up with creative safety slogans (the “Safety Golden Quotes”) as a way of sharing their own experiences and highlighting the significance of safety. This event is a fun way to ingrain the safety concept in the employees’ minds.

An ECOVE employee presented her creative safety slogan and shared her experience on occupational safety during the “Safety First” event.

A Work Environment that Prioritizes Employees’ Well-being, Sheds Off Worries of Employees and Families

The health and safety of our employees are crucial pillars for the development of our company. Every safety hazard incident would not only impact our employees and their families, but would also hurt the company’s reputation and the corporate integrity. To create a work environment that sheds off worries of our employees and their families, ECOVE regularly conducts third-party reviews on its overall safety and health management. The company also actively signs up for OHS competitions and seeks evaluations. Thanks to its excellent OHS performance, ECOVE has received multiple commendations in this field, including the Excellence in Occupational Safety Award, the Five-Star Excellence in Occupational Safety Award, and the Enterprise Benchmark Award in National Occupational Health and Safety. 

With recognized dedication to safety, ECOVE was invited by the Tainan City Labor Affairs Bureau to join the “OHS Family” program and share its management experience as a role model in this field, which helped waste disposal units enhance their safety and health practices, as well as made the work environment more friendly. Thanks to the excellent performance, ECOVE has earned the OHS Family Excellence Award.

OHS management is a dynamic process that necessitates real-time adjustments to ensure compliance with regulations, environmental factors, operational methods, technological advancements, as well as other internal and external conditions. Looking forward, ECOVE is committed to making sure that all employees pay serious attention to safety, and do what safety requires. ECOVE will continue to create a safe work environment where every employee can work happily and return home safely.