Investor Relations

Corporate Governance

KD’s corporate governance focuses on the following areas:

  • Protection of shareholders’ equity
  • Governance between affiliated companies
  • Independent directors
  • Functional committees
  • Prevention of conflicts of interest
  • Respecting the rights and interests of stakeholders
  • Strengthening information disclosure

Audit Committee Charter Download
CSR Best Practice Principles Download
Ethical Corporation Management Best Practice Principles Download
Rules Governing the Election of Directors Download
Articles of Incorporation Download
Code of Business Conduct and Ethics for the Board of Directors and Managers Download
Accusation Management Regulations Download
Guidelines for ethical conduct Download
Rules Governing Procedure for Shareholders’ Meetings Download

Board of Directors

  • Chairman – John H. Lin (Rep. of CTCI Corporation)
  • Director – Michael Yang (Rep. of CTCI Corporation)
  • Director – Ming Cheng, Hsiao (Rep. of CTCI Corporation)
  • Director – Kuan Shen, Wang
  • Director – Yang Ming, Liu
  • Director – Wen-Whe, Pan
  • Independent Director – Hsin Huai, Chow
  • Independent Director – Shean Bii, Chiu
  • Independent Director – Eugene, Chien

Audit/Remuneration Committee

  • Independent Director – Hsin Huai, Chow (Director of USI Corporation and Asia Polymer Corporation)
  • Independent Director – Shean Bii, Chiu (Associate Professor of Taiwan University’s Department of Finance Study)
  • Independent Director – Eugene Chien (Chairman of Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy)

Shareholder Structure

Stakeholders’ Evaluation and Response

We have identified our stakeholders as our employees, shareholders and investors, customers, suppliers, communities and government units. Through various representatives, we investigate the views of different stakeholders. Holding an effective communications with stakeholders is a crucial requirement in upholding corporate social responsibility, and it has been one of the main priorities of our company. It is necessary to have dialogue with the identified stakeholders to understand their expectations and concerns while promote awareness and provide solutions to related topics.

Business Integrity and Policy

To ensure we operate in an open and honest situation, ECOVE has decided to make an annual report of our business situation by the end of each year to promote corporate integrity and policy. Lead by our executive management office, this result of the effort is reported during the 18th Board Meeting of the 6th Annual Report Meeting.

Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction Targets

In response to energy conservation and carbon reduction, ECOVE promotes and takes actions based on the 5R concept (reduce, recycle/recover, repair, refuse and reuse). In 2016, our green activities had brought tremendous good results. We will continue the efforts in 2017 while introducing new efforts such as:

  • paperless operation in the office; reducing printed documents,
  • competition in energy conservation and resource saving; increasing participation and motivation,
  • initiate environment greening including tree planting.