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  • 2018/08/29
    ECOVE Ranks among “Top 100 for Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility” for Four Successive Years

    The CommonWealth Magazine announced the winning enterprises of 2018 Award for Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility. ECOVE continues to rank the 3rd in the category of “mid-size enterprise”.

    The assessment adopts international indicators and appraisal approach. Apart from having a steady growth for a consecutive of three years and preventing itself from causing social problem due to deficits, ECOVE has been reviewed comprehensively under the four major aspects of “corporate governance”, “commitment of enterprise”, “social participation”, and “environmental protection”.

    Once again finishing in 3rd place under medium-sized enterprise, ECOVE has applied its expertise in Energy-from-Waste(EfW) and actively participated in the certification of environmental education facilities. It also designed environmental education courses based on the characteristics of incineration plants, human factors and geography. At the same time, citizens and schoolchildren are invited to visit local plants in an effort to improve public knowledge of environmental protection. It has been an effective use of business influence in the education of environmental issues such as energy conservation, carbon reduction and resource recycling.

    “ECOVE cares for employees to enlarge CSR benefits,” said by J.J. Liao, the ECOVE Chairman. Liao indicated that ECOVE pays great attention to the physical and mental well-being of its employees. When ECOVE actively cares for its employees and provides a healthy and safe working environment, its employees will resonate and embrace the company's values naturally. “It will generate stronger coherence and assist the company in executing and expanding CSR,” said by Liao.

  • 2018/08/15
    GDDC builds the Taiwan's largest Photovoltaic power plant at Tainan Xin-Ying Landfill

    G.D. Development Corporation (GDDC) has completed the construction of Tainan Xin-Ying Landfill Photovoltaic Power Plant, annual 9 million kWh green power ranks national first place, which could supply for 2,500 households yearly and cut down 4,750 metric tons of carbon emission yearly, equivalent to the amount of CO2 absorbed by 12 Da'an Parks in Taipei.

    GDDC, founded in 2011, is a joint venture of ECOVE and Gintech Energy Corporation with extensive experience in the investment, development, construction, and operation of solar power facilities at Taiwan High Speed Rail stations, Kaohsiung MRT station, Kaohsiung Harbor, and aviation stations in Taiwan. Besides cooperating with local governments and transportation industry in Taiwan, GDDC had also actively evaluated the solar power market in the U.S. The Lumberton Photovoltaic Power Plant was the very first project that GDDC had developed, invested, built, operated and held 100% equity and assets in the U.S. The project was the third largest investment Taiwanese enterprises had in the Eastern United States.

    Taiwan is a small island with high population density; therefore, land acquisition is not easy. GDDC actively turns idle landfill into photovoltaic power facilities and has completed photovoltaic power constructions at Xin-Ying Plant, Cheng-Hsi Plant, Salt-Water Plant, and Ma-Dou Plant in Tainan. The power facilities could generate approximately 16.6 million kWh green power which could supply for 4,700 households yearly and cut down 8,600 metric tons of carbon emission annually, equivalent to the amount of CO2 absorbed by 22 Da'an Parks in Taipei.

    With the abundant experience, GDDC will continue to support the government in short, medium and long-term renewable energy projects with actions to achieve the goal in sustainable energy development and establish a new model for power industry in green energy construction in Taiwan.

  • 2018/07/27
    ECOVE Listed by the Newly Launched Taiwan Sustainability Index

    ECOVE, the industry-leading resource cycling services provider, has long been dedicated to corporate and responsibilities economically, socially, and environmentally; the efforts have been recognized with Taiwan Sustainability Index (TWSI), the first system in Taiwan sorting international and domestic integrated indicators. According to the selection result published by TWSI, ECOVE is on the list of top 40listed components.

    TWSI is a high confidence level index selected by both Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE) and College of Business in National Taipei University that cooperated with each other. The selection is based on the SEED standards, including fours aspects such as society (S), economics (E), environment (E) and disclosure (D) and combining with more than 300 international and domestic indicators, as well as top academic research discoveries. In addition, among 209 candidates participating in Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA) over last years, they selected those outstanding companies that fulfilled the corporate social responsibility and promoted the sustainable development. According to the data integration made by both sides and based on the cross analysis, the top 40 components with comprehensive performance were selected.

    ECOVE, the envisioned future of which is the most reliable provider of industry-leading resource cycling, has been awarded recognition for its corporate social responsibility. ECOVE not only has been evaluated as Top 5% in the Corporate Governance Evaluation System, selected on the list of CommonWealth Magazine for the Top 50 for Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility, but also received “Service Industry Group Report Gold Award”, “Transparency and Integrity Award”, “TOP 50 Corporate Sustainability Report Award” and “Circular Economy Leadership Award” of Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA). When pursuing the business growth, ECOVE will also juggle the sustainable development in economic, environmental and social aspects to create a positive cycle and a win-win-win situation for companies, investors and the society.

  • 2018/07/03
    Five Energy-from-Waste Plants Operated and Managed by ECOVE Honored with the Excellence Awards in EPA 2017-2018 Annual Appraisal

    ECOVE, has long been dedicated to improve resource cycling efficiency; the efforts have been recognized with the annual evaluations for incineration plants organized by Environmental Protection Administration (EPA). ECOVE Miaoli Plant honored with the premium award; Keelung Plant, Taoyuan Plant, Houli Plant, and Wujih Plant honored with the Excellence Award. The award ceremony was held on July 3rd.

    Miaoli Plant, having been awarded six years successively and set a record, deals with 170,000 metric tons of waste every year and generates 95,000 MWh of energy which could supply 26,000 household with electricity throughout the year. Also, the plant commits to lower greenhouse gases and reduces 40,000 metric tons of carbon emission.

    In terms of community development, the major environmental education site built by ECOVE adopted the neighboring beach and invited coworkers as well as local residents for cleaning campaign. In the meantime, the plant was rated as a 5-Star environmental education facility title by EPA for turning into an environmental classroom where enthusiastic volunteers offered guided tours. .

    Houli and Wujih Plant, taking lead in the performance among the 24 incineration plants in Taiwan evaluated, cooperatively process 590,000 metric tons of waste annually, generate 350,000 MWh of energy which could supply electricity to 98,000 households for one year. In terms of electricity selling rate, Houli Plant is 82.83% while Wujih Plant is 80.36%; both of the two numbers are higher than national average.

    Furthermore, Taoyuan Plant, having won its 8th award, rated as No. 1 in terms of the amount of waste annually (440,000 metric tons) and electricity selling rate (87.4%).
    The committee also praised the good operating performances for waste control and the certification of environmental education site at Keelung Plant. The plant has also been actively involved in good-neighbor activities to enhance public awareness of environmental protection and neighborhood caring.

    Criteria of the nationwide annual evaluations for incineration plants include operating performance, waste landing inspection, incineration plant slag, and stabilized fly ash control, all of which are conducted on site randomly.

    The 5 awards confirm the long-term commitment and performance of ECOVE. In the days to comes, ECOVE will continuously commit to improve operating performance, environmental protection, pollution prevention, carbon reduction, and technical upgrading to contribute to the community.

  • 2018/06/30
    Invited by the Keelung Family Helper, ECOVE Keelung Energy-from-Waste Plant trained environmental volunteers to promote resource cycling and garbage reduction

    ECOVE Keelung Energy-from-Waste Plant, honored with the excellence award in 2018 national appraisal, is also committed to build a harmonic community. The plant teamed up volunteers to actively cooperate with local groups to implement corporate social responsibility(CSR). On July 30th, the volunteers came to the Keelung Family Helper to promote environmental education and train environmental seed teachers.

    In 2014, Keelung Plant certified with an environmental education facility, the course of which is mainly about incineration. In the day, ECOVE colleagues introduced the incineration process, waste reduction and ash disposal to the students of the Keelung Family Helper. Through the training, ECOVE expected the environmental seed teachers could educate the public the concept of resource cycling and waste reduction in the Center or communities in the future.

    Other than training workshops, ECOVE also offer lectures on environmental education to the public to explain the process of incineration. ECOVE welcomes communities to visit the operations in the EfW facilities to learn more about what ECOVE does and the positive impacts that ECOVE brings to the communities. Currently, ECOVE opens EfW plants in Taiwan, and you are welcome to contact ECOVE (

  • 2018/06/09
    ECOVE teamed up for a beach cleanup on the World Oceans Day

    In response to the World Oceans Day, ECOVE Keelung EfW Plant called staff for a beach cleanup at the Heping Island Park in the Keelung city. During the two hours, ECOVE, having made commitment to preserve the picturesque coastline of Taiwan, picked up over 100 kilograms of marine litter, including styrofoam, glass bottles, plastic bottles, fishing nets and drift garbage.

    Encompassing the core value “Every Resource Counts”, ECOVE encouraged all colleagues to cherish resources in daily life, actively participate in local environmental protection activities, and promote the concept of resource reuse and waste reduction at enterprises.

    On a fair sunny day, half of the Keelung plant colleagues participated in the beach cleaning with great passion and recognized that marine ecology has been severely damaged. ECOVE, believing that continuous supporting the beach adopting project is a vital part of building a sustainable marine ecology, will be committed to implement waste reduction and contribute a share to the sustainability of the environment.

  • 2018/06/01
    Public Officials from Countries Interested to Learn ECOVE's Energy-from-Waste Practices and Visited Miaoli EfW Plant

    ECOVE has operated and managed 11 EfW Plants in Taiwan and is known as the most reliable provider of Energy-from-Waste (EfW) services over the past 20 years. With its rich EfW experiences, the International Cooperation and Development Fund (ICDF), which organized the workshop on urban waste management, was attracted to visit ECOVE Miaoli Energy Corporation and acquire knowledge of the treatments and technologies of domestic waste in Taiwan. ICDF expected that members could exert what they learned from ECOVE and promote the development of the EfW industry in their home countries.

    The 22 members from 20 countries are in charge of resource cycling fields in their homelands. These include the general manager of the Solid Waste Management Bureau in Santa Lucia, the director of the Mexican ecology bureau, the director of Argentine sustainable development office, the sustainable development consultants from Colombia, and the environmental senior officials from Belize.

    In order to welcome the guests, ECOVE arranged a tour at Miaoli EFW Plant to introduce Taiwan’s technologies of EFW and pollution prevention, and ECOVE’s environmental education in the neighborhood. In addition, the workshop members were invited to visit the crane room and central control room to learn more about the actual operation of the plant.

    During the symposium after the tour, the workshop members, recognizing that Taiwan’s waste treatment and development have taken the lead in the world, said they would like to learn more about ECOVE’s EfW technologies which could improve the waste problems and relieve local electricity demand in their home countries.

  • 2018/05/31
    The 2018 General Shareholders Meeting of ECOVE and The Seventh Meeting of the Seventh Term of the Board of Directors

    ECOVE held its annual General Shareholders Meeting on 31th May, 2018 in 505 Room, Mellow Fields Hotel. During the meeting, the motions including ”2017 business report, financial statements”, and ”Distribution of fiscal year 2017 earnings ” were all carried.

    According to the Business Report, the consolidated revenues amounted to NT$4,479,587 thousand in 2017, decreased by NT$475,978 thousand from the year 2016. The consolidated net profit after tax reached NT$761,339 thousand, decreased by NT$86,758 thousand compared with the year 2016. In addition, cash dividend payable to shareholders of NT$647,312,713 was approved in the Shareholders Meeting (TW$9.68 per share based on 66,871,148 common outstanding shares).

    In the same day, the Ex-rights (ex-dividend) record date for dividend were determined to be on August 1st, 2018 in the 7th meeting of the 7th term of the Board of Directors.

  • 2018/05/29
    ECOVE Evaluated as Top 5% in the” Corporate Governance Evaluation System” Organized by Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation for Four Successive Years

    Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (TWSE) and Taipei Exchange (TPEx) announced the 2017 Corporate Governance Evaluation Results. ECOVE were evaluated as top 5% of the 1,536 TWSE listed companies and the TPEx listed companies.

    The TWSE and TPEx launched“Corporate Governance Evaluation System”, conducted by the Securities and Futures Institute (SFI) to evaluate the performance of corporate governance among listed companies. The evaluation indicators comprise the 6 categories and 99 indicators: protecting shareholder rights and interests, treating shareholders equitably, enhancing board composition and operation, increasing information transparency, putting corporate social responsibility into practice, and others.

    ECOVE, the envision future of which is the most reliable of industry-leading resource cycling services, has honored with top 5% award for four successive years. The four awards demonstrate that ECOVE obeys the laws and regulations and voluntarily enhances mechanism of corporate governance. In the coming days, “the most reliable” ECOVE will continue to strengthen corporate governance and transparency, improve corporation constitution, safeguard shareholder rights, and promote environmental and corporate sustainable development.

  • 2018/05/09
    ECOVE Introduced the Bang and Clean Technology to Improve the Boiler Operation Rate above 90% in Keelung EfW Plant

    ECOVE, the Taiwan’s largest resource cycling services provider, is operating and managing the Keelung EfW Plant. Since the fourth season in 2017, ECOVE has introduced a Bang and Clean technology, developed shockwaves form explosion bags, into the ash area of the superheater to clean ash out. It was far more convenient than Shock Pulse Generators(SPG) used in general in that the operator did not need to shut down the incinerator, reduce loading, or change the existing equipment. The further benefits are that the boiler operation rate is improved above 90% and increased the amount of garbage disposal and power generation at the Keelung Plant.

    The incinerator in the Keelung EfW Plant did not run well because of ash accumulation caused by narrow pipeline clearance of the induced draft fan. In order to clean ash out, the operator in the plant had to shut the incinerator down for 400 hours each year, which not only reduced energy efficiency but also increased staff workload.

    ECOVE, specialized in operations and maintenance service in the EfW sector, provided with overhaul, upgrading and improving systems and equipment services for 17 out of 24 EfW plants in Taiwan. Through effective maintenance, advancement and upgrading of plant equipment, ECOVE will constantly develop innovative technologies and advance EfW efficiency.

  • 2018/04/16
    GDDC will Build Taipei’s Largest Solar Power Plant on the Roof of the Beitou Depot

    G.D. Development Corporation (GDDC), a subsidiary of industry-leading resource cycling services provider ECOVE, announced on 13th Apr. that it obtained the bid of the solar power plant at the Beitou Depot.

    GDDC will complete a total capacity of 3.8MW photovoltaic power facilities, the largest solar power plant in Taipei City, and generate about 4,300MWh green power which could supply for 1,100 households yearly and cut down 2,200 metric tons of carbon emission annually.

    GDDC, founded in 2011, is a joint venture of ECOVE and Gintech Energy Corporation with extensive experience in the investment, development, construction, and operation of solar power facilities at Taiwan High Speed Rail stations, Kaohsiung MRT station, Kaohsiung Harbor, and aviation stations in Taiwan. In Nov. 2017, GDDC signed the contract of solar power plant at Beitou Depot with Taipei Metro and would be responsible for the overall planning, investment, construction and operation. The solar power plant will be built in June this year and completed before the end of the year.

  • 2018/03/26
    SINOGAL Awarded the Contract for Upgrading Facility at Existing Plant in Macau Refuse Incineration Plant

    On Mar. 8th, the Macao Environmental Protection Bureau announced the bid winner of the “Upgrading Facility at Existing Plant in Macau Refuse Incineration Plant”. SINOGAL-Waste Services Corporation (for short: SINOGAL), promised not to defer the waste treatment, strive to meet the schedule of operation and maintenance on a mission to the project, and complete this project properly, won this bid accordingly.

    Macau Refuse Incineration Plant may at great risk of malfunction for the old facility and equipment are nearly out of date soon. The Macao Environmental Protection Bureau opened the upgrading facility bid as a result.

    SINOGAL, established in Macau in 2009, is a joint venture among Taiwan’s CTCI Corporation, ECOVE Environment Corporation, and Consulasia, a subsidiary of Portugal’s Consulgal Group. The company is the sole entity responsible for operation and maintenance of the Macau Refuse Incineration Plant. In 2010, SINOGAL partnered with ECOVE mainly to provide operation and maintenance services for the Macau Hazardous Waste Treatment Plant.

    In past projects, SINOGAL, controlled the plant shutdown hours well, formulated a expert construction plan in advance and strictly managed the procedures, was trusted and recognized for the construction quality and the accurate project timeline by the owners. In addition, SINOGAL has comprehensive support from CTCI, the global engineering services provider with extensive experience in design, construction, operation and overhaul of EfW plants. After SINOGAL completes the upgrading project, Macau Refuse Incineration Plant will function properly and local waste will be properly disposed.

  • 2018/03/01
    GDDC, Turned Kaohsiung Harbor Area into Photovoltaic Power Facility, Honored with “Golden Boat Award” from Taiwan International Ports Corporation

    G.D. Development Corporation (GDDC), a subsidiary of industry-leading resource cycling services provider ECOVE, has completed an initiative in Taiwan of constructing a 5,980MWh photovoltaic power facility in Kaohsiung Harbor. GDDC's efforts have been recognized with the “Golden Boat Award- Special Contribution Award” for increasing revenue to Taiwan International Ports Corporation and activate the existing constructions in the harbor.

    Cooperated with the National Renewable Energy and Green Port Policy, GDDC obtained the right to construct photovoltaic power facilities in Kaohsiung Harbor through public bidding in 2015. Up to now, GDDC has completed a total capacity of 4.6MW harbor photovoltaic power facility which can generate about 5,980MWh green power and cut down 3,170 metric tons of carbon emission annually. In 2018, the third phase of the parallel operation and additional 1.5MW photovoltaic power facility will be accomplished.

    The Golden Boat Award is organized by Taiwan International Ports Corporation and is mainly awarded to outstanding enterprises which improved the management and operation of Kaohsiung Harbor; GDDC is the only awarded company in the solar photovoltaic industry.

    In the next few years, GDDC will actively comply with national policies to perform a 20GW solar photovoltaic project and strive for investment opportunities in roof, ground and water fields. In addition, GDDC will cooperate with Gintech Energy Corporation which has extensive experience in the investment and operation of solar power plants in Taiwan and USA markets to look for opportunities in solar photovoltaic projects around the world.

  • 2018/02/06
    ECOVE Invited to Attend the EAEO Forum to Deliver a Speech on Experiences in Municipal Solid Waste Management in Taiwan

    ECOVE, an affiliate of CTCI, is a global engineering services provider that specializes in EfW, waste management, solar power and circular economy business. In the 1980s and 1990s, waste crisis in Taiwan occurred because of limited space to bury garbage and waste. Founded during Taiwan's waste crisis, ECOVE quickly became a leader in EfW, waste management and resource recovery. Not satisfied with merely recovering energy from disposed resources, ECOVE kept improving its operations to recover as much energy as possible. ECOVE's successful experience in the treatment of garbage and wastes was appreciated by the European-Arab Environment Organization (EAEO) and has been invited to the Egyptian Environment Forum to deliver a speech.

    EAEO, founded at Switzerland in 2006, is a non-governmental organization that keeps promoting the concept of sustainable development in Europe and Arab countries. It held “the First Arab Economic Forum for Eco-tourism and Protected Areas in Egypt”, which advocated the concept of eco-tourism and conservation of natural resources, has attracted numerous scholars, experts, enterprises and institutions from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Jordan.

    On behalf of company, Richard Huang, ECOVE sales manager, made a speech on “experience in treatment of municipal solid waste in Taiwan” and introduced the company's successful projects and techniques in the field of circular economy. Huang's speech drew a lively discussion, during which he interacted with participants who recognized that Taiwan's experience in treatment of municipal solid waste could be apply in other developing countries.

    As a leader in Taiwan's resource recycling industry, ECOVE, committed to actively participating in national/regional agendas and policies, is willing to share with peers and other countries in the world the successful experience in municipal solid waste management.

  • 2018/01/30
    ECOVE Tainan Cheng-Hsi EfW Plant Granted a Certificate of Appreciation from Tainan City Government for Providing Health and Safety Tutoring Services

    Tainan Cheng-Hsi EfW Plant, operated and managed by the industry-leading resource cycling services provider ECOVE, actively participated in “Health and Safety Family” campaign and built an “ECOVE Cheng-Hsi Family”. As the core enterprise of the family, Cheng-His plant, helping and counseling the small-and-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to improve the working environment, has been appraised by the Tainan Municipal Labor Office and granted a certificate of appreciation from Mr. Wang Xinji, the Director of Labor Office.

    According to the regulations of Tainan City Government, a core enterprise of labor safety is required to meet the following conditions within three years: honored with Excellent Organization Award for Labor Safety and Health, Five-Star Award for Labor Safety and Health, or a record of no major occupational accidents. ECOVE, taking safety as its top priority, implemented strictly management of labor safety and health in Cheng-Hsi EfW Plant, has not only been honored with the Five-Star Award for Labor Safety and Health, but also obtained the Excellent Organization Award for two years running. In the future, ECOVE will continue to assist other SMEs in improving the labor environment and leading other members of Cheng-Hsi Family towards becoming the safest workplaces with “Zero Accidents”.

  • 2018/01/27
    ECOVE Receives Recognition from Owner for Providing outstanding Maintenance Service for Linkou Water Resource Recycling Center

    Written by: Huang Ming-Chang, the Section Chief of Sewage Facilities Department, New Taipei City Water Resource Bureau.

    The Linkou Water Resource Recycling Center (Linkou Water Center) is the first secondary sewage treatment plant constructed and operated by the New Taipei City Government. It has improved the sanitation of the environment in the Linkou area and alleviated the pollution caused by domestic wastewater, enhancing the quality of life of the residents in the nearby communities.

    In order to maintain high performance, high safety and high reliability, the City Government commissioned a private company to operate and maintain the facility. Under such model, the professional capabilities and reputation of the commissioned company become primary considerations.

    The Linkou Water Center launched an open review and tender for the facility operation contract and ECOVE won the bid. Immediately ECOVE took over the plant on Jan. 16, 2018, the company sent a team of professionals that is larger than the scale and with more professional certifications required by the contract to implement the project. The team has been diligently communicating with the Water Resources Bureau and more importantly implemented the plans that have met mutual consensuses into the operations. Their positive work attitude and performance up till now has given us a high confidence and met our expectation.

    We wish ECOVE to continue expand in the field of professional technical services and expect them to achieve high performance at the Linkou Water Treatment Center, as they have achieved at the nine contact bed treatment plants and Zhonggang Water Resource center. We expect ECOVE to have excellent achievement at the National Public Wastewater Treatment Facility Evaluation organized by the Environmental Protection Administration in June this year. Together, we will create a high quality environment in New Taipei City. Finally, I would like to wish ECOVE flourishing business.