ECOVE Environment Corp. (hereinafter referred to as "ECOVE" or the Company) is a subsidiary of CTCI, a global engineering services provider. Striving to improve the reuse of resources, ECOVE provides professional investment and management services for industries related to resource cycling. We are focused on developing and managing circular economies including renewable energy, renewable substances, and renewable water resources, and we are committed to cultivating three major businesses, including waste management and energy from waste (EfW), recycling, and renewable energy.

Our scope of business includes investment and management, Operations and Management, and technical and consulting services. Our clients include the public sectors and private enterprises from the Greater China region, Southeast Asia, India, and the United States. We have 10 reinvestments, which play their respective supportive roles throughout the developments of circular economy services and together construe a professional circular economy team, providing comprehensive, professional environmental protection services in Taiwan, Macao, China, Southeast Asia, India, and the United States.
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As a practitioner of resource cycling, ECOVE's vision is to become the most reliable provider of industry-leading ‘resource cycling’ services. We see "advanced technical integration applications" and "optimized ‘resource cycling’ efficiencyTM" as our missions and our brand slogan "Every Resource Counts" as our operational model and mind-set.

ECOVE obtained the world's first BS 8001 Circular Economy certificate. ECOVE continues to improve " resource cycling " efficiencyTM through intelligent and data-driven operational systems, participate in national/regional agenda and policies, and promote community collaboration and contributions. We are committed to incorporating the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into our resource cycling-based business model, so as to achieve resource sustainability on this planet and in the human living environment.
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