Performance Highlight

Most reliable

ECOVE was ranked among top 5% in the Corporate Governance
Evaluation by the Financial Supervisory Commission for six consecutive years. Results of the 6th Corporate Governance Evaluation co-organized by the TWSE and TPEx indicated that ECOVE was ranked among the highly sought-after top 5% among all 1,600 companies that were listed on the TWSE and the TPEx. In addition, since the implementation of the Corporate Governance Evaluation, only 25 listed companies managed to rank in top 5% for six consecutive years. ECOVE was also named top 10% among the listed companies on the TPEx for ""non-financial and non-electronics companies with net worth over NT$10 billion"" for a second year.

Seeing ""the most reliable provider of industry-leading ‘resource cycling’ services"" as our mission, we have placed among top 5% in the Corporate Governance Evaluation for six years in a row, demonstrating ECOVE's legal compliance and self-discipline. Our determination and performance in the voluntary enhancement of corporate governance have won countless positive recognition. ECOVE is committed to continuous enhancement in governance and information transparency, creating a robust operating system, maintaining shareholders' equity, pursuing environmental and sustainable business development, and to continuously living up to our brand of being ""the most reliable.""