Messages from Chairman

CSR, enabling us to go further and further

We made all-out efforts to achieve outstanding CSR performance
Having cultivated the Taiwanese market for many years, ECOVE Environment Corp. has always held true to our mission to innovate, and to provide optimized ‘resource cycling’ efficiencyTM services through advanced technical integrations. Moreover, the Company is always dedicated to developments in the Taiwanese society and to fulfill our promise to become ""the most reliable"" brand in practice.

In 2019, the following achievements ensued from our continuous focus on environment, social, and governance (ESG) practices:
● Consolidated revenue : NT$5.3 billion ; profit after tax : NT$0.8 billion
● Earnings per share: NT$10 for eight years in a row
● Top 5% in the Financial Supervisory Commission's Corporate Governance Evaluation for six consecutive years
● Excellence Award in the 1st National Corporate Environment Protection Award organized by the Executive Yuan
● No.1 in SME Group in the Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award from CommonWealth Magazine
● Top 50 in Corporate Comprehensive Performance, Platinum Award in Corporate Sustainability Report, Transparency and Integrity Awards, and Circular Economy Leadership Award in the Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards for three consecutive years
We forged ahead with accountability to promote a next leap
ECOVE is a brand consisting of a professional team that values safety and quality, has expertise in waste management and incineration, renewable energy, and recycling, and pursues innovations and best customer service with passion. Aiming to become the most reliable provider of industry-leading ""resource cycling"" services, ECOVE communicates with customers at home and abroad and identifies their needs and further provides tailor-made services based on the customer-first business philosophy. All employees of ECOVE make me proud as they have made relentless efforts to maintain the most reliable, quality service.

In 2019, we continued our business Operations and Management in line with the sustainability roadmap built on 17 United Nations' SDGs, along with our core competencies, brand associations, and corporate responsibilities in hopes of solving social and environmental issues through the performance of business activities; at the same time, we paid attention to the environment and cared for society during business Operations and Management, making all-out efforts to fulfill CSR through linking business and lifelong career goals. We shouldered responsibility for taking care of society and the environment and creating sustainable value for both the Company and our stakeholders.
We deepen our demand-oriented intelligentization
For a long time, ECOVE, in the industry of resource cycling, has always been a reliable provider of technology and services, and it is a leader for technology integration. We provide our clients with integrated services from upstream, mid-stream, and downstream, helping them various problems in waste treatment, recycling, and renewable energy, and helping them quickly upgrade equipment and optimize their resource cycling.

To realize our sustainability roadmap, ECOVE is also preparing for the new global industry revolution in the technical applications of artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). We believe that we may only come out successful in this revolution and to contribute toward the society by possessing a long- term vision of understanding the future and by executing accurate strategies on such basis.
We shoulder responsibility amid the COVID-19 pandemic
ECOVE is responsible for disposing of 30% of total waste (waste entering 24 incineration plants) in Taiwan, which is equivalent to serving more than 3.7 million people. In addition, all the waste in Macao is also disposed of by us. This is an outstanding achievement and a huge responsibility, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the stay-at- home order, disposal of garbage must continue to prevent domestic waste from exacerbating the epidemic. We have already prepared for disposal of waste during the pandemic and also made arrangements for public construction work such as solar photovoltaic systems, waste water treatment, rail transportation, healthcare, etc., to keep public service uninterrupted. We think highly of such responsibility and take great pride in what we do.

While providing such public service, we also take our employees' health and safety seriously. In addition to distributing masks and alcohol, we prepare the epidemic prevention package for our field staff. We are deeply convinced that keeping all employees healthy and vital at work is the foundation of corporate sustainability; therefore, several measures are taken to protect our employees' safety and health at the workplace such as taking body temperature, making work-from-home arrangements, and initiating the business continuity plan (BCP).

2019 was a year of abundance. Looking into 2020, ECOVE will continue to hold true to our visions of enhancing 'resource cycling' efficiencyTM, utilizing intelligent data-driven operational systems, actively participating in national agenda and policies, and community collaboration and contributions. We will be committed to social welfare, to promoting environmental education, and to enhancing the environmental protection awareness throughout communities, thus creating a win-win situation for the industry, the environment, and society.