Friendly corporate volunteering

Employees from ECOVE set up "Friendly Charity Society" and take the initiative in organizing charitable activities. To further emphasize corporate social responsibility on the employees, ECOVE actively cooperates with external parties in practicing "green living" in everyday life.
Friendly charity, concern for the disadvantaged
ECOVE established Friendly Charity Society in June 2017, and this platform is open to employees to propose care actions, share ideas on public welfare and innovative charitable activities. 4 projects were conducted in 2018, and they are computer donation for underserved neighborhood, welfare for mentally challenged children, welfare for underprivileged children and families, and environmental volunteer training program. In addition, ECOVE will continue to organize receipt and second-hand clothing donation activities.

Green lifestyle saves energy and reduces carbon footprint
ECOVE's employees promote and organize energy-saving and carbon-reduction activities such as "Winter Energy-Saving", "Office Greenery", "Eating Greens", "Light off in Summer", "Take the Stairs, Reduce Carbon Footprint", "Old Clothes Donation", "Use Chopsticks Love the Earth", etc. at 22 premises. The yearly carbon dioxide emission reduced in the past four years are 661, 15,829, 12,565, and 13,439 kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent. The accumulated carbon reduction is approximately equivalent to 4.3 hectares of afforestation (reference research by the Forestry Bureau of the Council of Agriculture, based on 2010 estimates of annual carbon fixation of 9.9 tones for every hectare of forest land).

ECOVE Affinity Card is Launched to Help Sustainable Education
To fulfill corporate social responsibility (CSR) in practice and to strengthen employee cohesion, ECOVE Environment Corp. (ECOVE) has decided to issue an exclusive credit card, namely, the ECOVE Affinity Card. ECOVE is combined by the word Ecology and Trove which represents the infinite treasure in the ecology are waiting for ECOVE to reuse; the green circle at the right corner not only represents the green energy on earth but also means the mission for ECOVE to protect the earth. ECOVE's logo and slogan "Every Resource Counts" is printed on the card which means the resource is limited on earth and ECOVE will keep increasing the performance of resource cycling, focus on detail and data management to ensure that every resource is effectively used. ECOVE hopes to make the employees proud of being a part of ECOVE by this ECOVE Affinity Card. Employees who consume by using this credit card can enjoy a rebate up to 1.6% and there is no limit on the rebate. The credit card can help the employees to avoid carrying a lot of cash. The other important function of the card is the "charity reward program." Differing from other credit cards, whenever a purchase is made through the ECOVE Affinity Card, the issuing bank will allocate 0.2% of the purchase as a reward for CTCI Education Foundation. The fund will further help the Foundation's efforts toward engineering education, environmental sustainability and welfare activities. Besides boosting employees' sense of pride and recognition in the Company's sustainable performance, it also helps to promote the development of environmental sustainable education in Taiwan.