Investment & Management

Water & Wastewater Treatment

ECOVE integrates twenty years of knowledge and experience in environmental services to develop efficient and sustainable water and wastewater treatment plants.

ECOVE’s strong track record, sound financial status, and two decades of experience in the environmental service industry guarantees industry-leading water and wastewater treatment services. Our team of experienced professionals works closely with our clients to enhance wastewater to a standard suitable for industrial use, increasing the value of the water and providing a circular solution to wastewater treatment.

Investment Model

ECOVE has extensive experience with public-private partnership (PPP) projects, including projects that are fully and partially funded by the government. We are able to prepare the following PPP contracts:

  • Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT)
  • Build-Own-Operate (BOO)
  • Build-Transfer-Operate (BTO)
  • Rehabilitate-Operate-Transfer (ROT)


ECOVE professionals oversee each project throughout the life of the contract, ensuring each plant is constructed and operated according to requirements. We manage the schedule during the construction phase and the contract during the operations phase, while taking special care to closely monitor each project’s progress. We emphasize efficient communication with all stakeholders, maintaining positive relationships with relevant parties throughout the extensive length of a typical contract. We provide professional support and create an atmosphere of efficient communication to encourage healthy working relationships.

Consortium Partnerships

With years of experience managing PPP projects, we have a clear understanding of the responsibilities, risks, and rewards associated with these projects and how to build strong partnerships to create successful consortiums. Over the years, we have formed and managed multiple effective consortium partnerships, both local and overseas, by following clear consortium agreements and good governance practices. We have built strong relationships with our partners — construction contractors, service providers, lenders, and operations and maintenance providers — efficiently communicating across different industries to create successful consortiums.


We are responsible for providing all necessary funds to finance the development of wastewater treatment projects. With years of experience and in-depth knowledge of wastewater treatment, we can accurately predict capital expenditure (whole-life cost) for a new facility, eliminating the risk of capital shortcomings and cash flow issues.

Our major sources of funding:

  • capital expenditures from shareholders
  • corporate loans from banks and financial institutions (e.g. debt, equity, bonds)
  • third party funds, and
  • direct funding from the government

Featured Projects

Fengshan Regenerated Water Treatment Plant, Taiwan*

The Fengshan Regenerated Water Treatment Plant will be the first plant of its kind constructed in Taiwan. After undergoing a secondary treatment at this plant, treated water will surpass industrial water quality requirements and can be delivered for industrial use. This plant will have the capacity to handle 45,000 tons of regenerated water per day. The first phase of the plant will be completed in 2018 and will deliver 25,000 tons/day of regenerated water to the local industrial district.

Zhongli Wastewater Treatment Plant, Taiwan*

The Zhongli wastewater treatment plant will be completed in 2021. It will be the largest wastewater treatment plant in Taoyuan City with 246km of pipelines. It will collect wastewater from 200,000 households and will treat 156,800 tons of wastewater per day.