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About ECOVE Environment Services Corp.

Founded in 1994, ECOVE Environment Services Corp. provides comprehensive environmental services, especially those related to environmental protection facilities and energy from waste technology. The company provides a range of mechanical and electrical equipment, power plant equipment, operation and maintenance services, as well as mechatronic systems and equipment for transport operations.

Operations & Maintenance (O&M)

Energy-from-Waste (EfW)

ECOVE Environment Services Corp. is a leading operations and maintenance (O&M) service provider in the EfW sector. Through effective maintenance, advancement and upgrading of plant technology and equipment, we generated nearly 30% more electricity per ton of waste in 2016 than in 1995, supplying renewable energy to over 300,000 households across Taiwan and Macau. We have experience operating EfW plants with waste processing capacities ranging from 80 tons/day to 3,000 tons/day. Currently, we run nine large-scale EfW plants — seven in Taiwan and two in Macau — with a total processing capacity of over 8,000 tons/day. <Read More>

Hazardous & Special Waste Treatment

ECOVE Environment Services Corp. has accumulated over two decades of technical knowledge and experience managing operations and maintenance for industrial waste treatment plants in Taiwan and Macau. Our experienced team of engineers carefully select waste collection and transportation machinery for our plants, incorporating high-performance equipment with extensive knowledge of the industry to ensure hazardous and special waste is treated responsibly and effectively. <Read More>

Water & Wastewater Treatment

ECOVE Environment Services Corp. focuses on reducing water pollution, improving water reusability, and solving water shortages during the dry season. Currently, we operate and maintain nine gravel contact oxidation treatment plants in New Taipei City, which has more of this type of treatment plant than any other city in Taiwan. <Read More>

Technical Services and Consulting

Having managed and maintained EfW plants for over twenty years, we have accumulated in-depth understanding of efficient EfW operations. We have developed a full range of services, designed to improve plant performance for public and private organizations around the world.

  • Management Consulting
  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance & Overhaul for System and Equipment
  • Upgrade & Improve Systems and Equipment

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