Operations & Maintenance

Hazardous & Special Waste Treatment

ECOVE has a deep understanding of the complicated chemical composition of hazardous and special waste, guaranteeing responsible and efficient treatment and disposal.

ECOVE has accumulated over two decades of technical knowledge and experience managing operations and maintenance for industrial waste treatment plants in Taiwan and Macau. Our experienced team of engineers carefully select waste collection and transportation machinery for our plants, incorporating high-performance equipment with extensive knowledge of the industry to ensure hazardous and special waste is treated responsibly and effectively.

Comprehensive Solution

Our professionals have a deep understanding of the entire hazardous and special waste treatment process—from collection to treatment to final disposal—processing a wide range of hazardous and special waste including, organic solvent, sludge, and medical waste. We have implemented, operated and maintained hazardous and special waste treatment systems internationally, notably at science and technology parks and airports.

Operation Capabilities

By implementing comprehensive training programs, effective communication systems, and digitizing our business process, we have developed a management model that has proven successful at treatment plants in both Taiwan and Macau. We established standard operating procedures (SOP) and created a comprehensive maintenance plan to ensure all operations continue to run smoothly. In order to preemptively identify and solve problems, we apply the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) Cycle to our operations, consistently improving performance across all our plants.

Featured Projects

Tainan Science Park Resource Recycling Center,Tainan, Taiwan

The center began operations in 2003, handling 80 tons/day of hazardous and special waste produced by the Southern Taiwan Science Park. The center uses fluidized bed combustion to handle the varying physical states of hazardous and special waste (solid, liquid solvent, and organic sludge), reaching an incineration rate of over 99% and eliminating over 99.99% of harmful chemicals, such as organic chloride and PCBs. A selective non-catalytic reduction (SNCR) system and a dry scrubber system are installed at the plant to control air emissions, maintaining the concentration of NOX, SOX, and HCl at below 140ppm, 120ppm, and 35ppm respectively. The center provides the following services: waste collection and transportation, waste storage, resource recovery, solidification treatment, physical-chemical treatment, landfill, and incineration.

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Taoyuan International Airport Incineration Plant, Taiwan

The plant was constructed in 2003 to handle special waste generated within the terminal and on aircrafts arriving at the Taoyuan International Airport. Waste originating from overseas is treated with special precaution to control potential contaminants. Each of the two furnaces at this plant are designed to handle a total of 60 tons of waste per day.

Macau Hazardous and Special Waste Treatment Plant, China

The Macau hazardous and special waste treatment plant was completed in 2007. The plant handles 24 tons of waste per day from Macau, including scrap tires, oil sludge, medical waste, solid and liquid hazardous waste, animal carcasses and slaughter waste.