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  • 2022/10/12
    Six EfW Plants Operated by ECOVE Deemed as Top Performers in EPA Audit

    According to Taiwan Environmental Protection Administration’s (EPA) “2021 Energy-from-Waste (EfW) Audit and Evaluation” results, six EfW plants operated by ECOVE have been deemed as top performers. Keelung Plant and Miaoli Plant both received the “High Distinction Award”, while Wuri Plant received the “Excellence Award.” Taoyuan Plant, Houli Plant, and Xizhou Plant, on the other hand, each received the “Special Award.”

    Each year, Taiwan EPA organizes an inspection team comprised of NGO experts, scholars, and government officials to conduct audits on 24 major EfW plants across Taiwan, with the aim of improving plant performance. Top performers are given awards. Audits are carried out irregularly and without warning. Evaluation criteria include operating performance, effectiveness of waste inspection, quality of pollutant emissions, and controls on bottom ash and fly ash stabilizers. ECOVE’s consecutive multiple win is a recognition on its improvement efforts.

    The following are some details on these award-winning plants:

    • Keelung Plant: Winner of “High Distinction Award” for 4 consecutive years. The plant has performed outstandingly in ensuring personnel safety, improving incoming waste inspection mechanisms, using innovative CCTV platforms for waste inspection, and avoiding fall risks of personnel during inspection when getting on and off large vehicles. In cooperation with the EPA cross-regional partnership program, the plant helped process household waste from Lianjiang County and Taoyuan City in 2021. Furthermore, the plant actively organizes environmental education programs and holds neighborhood visits.

    • Miaoli Plant: The plant properly inspects and maintains its equipment, replacing old ones where necessary. The plant also implements energy-saving measures with regard to energy-intensive equipment such as induced draft fans, primary fans, and air compressors. As a result, power consumption of the production processes in 2021 reached a new 5-year low. This plant adopts mobile shockwave ash-cleaning method to remove the accumulated ashes on boilers to maintain boiler efficiency, thereby reducing water consumption of waste gas control equipment. In 2021, the production process reduced its water consumption by 2,400 tons compared to 2020.

    • Wuri Plant: By improving the performance of its equipment (such as renewal of the generator stator, installation of new variable frequency air compressors, and replacement of water-cooling tower fan blades), the plant is able to become the best performer in terms of power generation, power sales, and power generation per ton of waste among the 900-ton class EfW plants in Taiwan. Moreover, the plant has developed a unique incoming vehicle scheduling management system, which increased the dispatch efficiency of removal agencies and reduced the waiting time for removal agency vehicles.

    • Taoyuan Plant: Despite being an old plant that has been in operation for over 20 years, it has stayed No.1 in rankings regarding incoming volume, processing volume, power generation, and power sales for as long as being operated by ECOVE. ECOVE has also set short-, mid-, and long-term reduction plans for the plant’s air pollutant emissions. The plant has met the mid-term goals in 2021, reducing NOx emission concentration by 15%.

    • Houli Plant: The plant is able to maintain efficient processing capability through appropriate planning and regular maintenance operations. It has also gradually introduced advanced technologies and replaced old equipment, which helps improve performance. The SNCR (Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction) renewal project that was carried out in 2021 helped reduce NOx emission concentration by 20%, an outstanding performance in pollution reduction.

    • Xizhou Plant: Operated by ECOVE since June 2021, this plant is now certified to various global standards, such as ISO 45001, ISO 90001, and ISO 14001. Well-recognized for its quality and environmental management, it is a professional EfW plant with all-in-one system management.

    As an expert in EfW business for over 20 years and the first company in Taiwan to expand its EfW business overseas, ECOVE will uphold the vision of being the “most reliable leader in sustainable resource cycling” and improve its operations. ECOVE will continue to commit itself to environmental protection, pollution prevention, as well as energy-saving and emissions-reduction technologies. By keeping EfW plants well run, ECOVE is playing its part in ensuring global sustainability.