Technical Services and Consulting

Energy-from-Waste (EfW)

ECOVE drives EfW plant operations and management to success through comprehensive consulting, commissioning, modernization, and maintenance services.

Having managed and maintained EfW plants for over twenty years, we have accumulated in-depth understanding of efficient EfW operations. We have developed a full range of services, designed to improve plant performance for public and private organizations around the world.

Management Consulting

With over two decades of experience, we have extensive knowledge to share with governments and companies planning to take the next step in efficiency, including planning new plants, streamlining operations, and expanding capacity. We use our proven-effective operational model to advise our clients on design, data, and technology to improve productivity and performance. We have provided contract-based management consulting services to 9 EfW plants in Shanghai and Guangdong, resulting in notable improvements in performance.


As part of our commissioning services, we complete a comprehensive inspection of all equipment, systems, and devices, performing all necessary tests in order to ensure neither performance nor safety is ignored. Thereafter, we install new equipment and perform any necessary upgrades. ECOVE’s reputation delivering high-quality commissioning for all EfW plants constructed by CTCI — our parent company and one of the world’s leading engineering-procurement-construction contractors — has expanded our commissioning scope to EfW plants outside Taiwan.

Maintenance & Overhaul for System and Equipment

We regularly carry out inspections, identifying any necessary upgrades to ensure EfW plants are operating at peak efficiency. Additionally, we perform preventive and predictive maintenance throughout all operational systems to reduce the risk of costly damage and unplanned shutdowns. Extensive experience in the EfW industry allows us to quickly detect, analyze and solve system malfunctions. We proactively share new technology and knowledge with other plant operators to ensure the most competent systems and equip-ment are being used.

Upgrade & Improve Systems and Equipment

We deliver custom-configured solutions for our clients, modernizing systems and equipment based on the needs of individual plants. By regularly conducting large-scale inspec-tions, fault analyses and evaluations, we are able to preemptively identify any necessary upgrades to ensure optimal resource-cycling efficiency. At ECOVE, we strive to achieve peak efficiency across all EfW plants — by constantly innovating new technologies to improve plant efficiency, we have received over thirty patents related to incinerator plant technology.

Featured Projects

Shanghai Old Port EfW Plant — Consulting

ECOVE was employed to improve operational issues, including: regular unplanned shut-downs, low-temperature burning, and air pollution violations. ECOVE developed mechanisms to streamline operations and management and advised the plant on technology and equipment to improve monitoring, maintenance, workplace safety, and pollution control. ECOVE’s suggestions allowed the plant to achieve the status of a Level 3A EfW Plant, one of only eight Level 3A EfW Plants in China.

Zhongshan City Central District EfW Plant — Consulting

ECOVE specialists inspected the facility and provided a detailed recovery plan to improve pollution control technologies, workplace safety, and to modernize equipment and facilities. The Zhongshan Plant continues to employ ECOVE for our consulting services in: EfW plant maintenance and upgrade, sanitary landfill management, water treatment plant management, fly ash stability, and bottom ash recycling.

Shanghai Liming EfW Plant — Consulting

ECOVE specialists inspected the facility and outlined steps for improvement in operational efficiency, equipment defects, environmental pollution control, and production safety at the plant. By implementing ECOVE’s instructions, the plant increased efficiency, reduced emissions, and improved worker safety. ECOVE’s contribution helped the Liming Plant to achieve the status of a Level 3A EfW plant, one of only eight Level 3A plants in China.

Muzha EfW Plant — Commissioning

ECOVE modernized the plant, including the installation of selective catalytic reduction (SCR) equipment. This resulted in a reduction of NOx and dioxin flue gas emissions and an overall decrease in unplanned shutdowns. ECOVE’s professionals also oversaw the test-run of the new equipment, ensuring the plant was able to deliver high-efficiency operations.

Kaohsiung, Central District — EfW Plant Overhaul

ECOVE has carried out the annual plant overhaul at the Kaohsiung Central District Plant every year since 2006. ECOVE professionals modernize the plant by advancing protective maintenance operations and performing furnace maintenance and upgrades. In 2016, ECOVE upgraded the plant’s selective catalytic reduction (SCR) equipment. After finishing the necessary inspections, maintenance, and upgrades, ECOVE’s professionals oversee a test-run of the equipment, ensuring the plant is fit for high-efficiency operation.

Kaohsiung City, South District — Upgrade

ECOVE was employed to upgrade the facility to avoid losses resulting from frequent un-planned shutdowns. ECOVE modernized the plant’s furnace with a high-alloy layer, extending the life of the furnace, reducing the number of unplanned shutdowns, and improving power generation efficiency. The plant continues to employ ECOVE for maintenance services to improve operational efficiency.