Training and Development

ECOVE believes employees’ development and growth are important to the company’s sustainability. Therefore, ECOVE makes effort to nurture its talents which include provide training, encourage continuous learning, sharing and exchanging knowledge and skills. Additionally, ECOVE creates a healthy and friendly environment that allows employees to interact cohesively with each other.


ECOVE upholds the company’s value of professionalism, integrity, teamwork, innovation and dedicates to nurture more talents from various expertise such as machinery, electric machine, and environmental engineering. We support each employee to pursue own career advancement, and arrange appropriate professional training and personal development courses. For example, supervisors can enhance their management ability can attend external management courses such as international relation, organizational behavior, finance, and customer relationship.

Continuous Learning and Technical Skills Exchange

We recommend and sponsor outstanding employees to further their studies in domestic or foreign university each year. Employees that perform well also have the opportunity to work with professionals from foreign companies to gain professional knowledge, developing their expertise and capability in the global market. ECOVE also encourages employees to join industry-university collaboration; exchanging professional knowledge and experience, sharing and educating people about circular economy in Taiwan.

Knowledge Management

ECOVE introduces the new knowledge management (KM) system that includes six modules to facilitate knowledge sharing and transmission within the company’s global operation. Below systems establish an online database for employees to access project-related information anywhere, anytime:

  • Knowledge
  • Expert
  • Community
  • Social Network
  • Fast Search
  • MyVideo-KM