Miaoli EfW Plant Activities

Environmental Education

The Miaoli EfW plant was accredited in 2003 as an environmental education facility.
Each of ECOVE’s environmental education spaces, fully equipped with wireless connection and multimedia, are full of cartoon animation and interactive games, allowing for fun and educational activities to teach school children about EfW plants and environmental protection. Schools can choose from the following three courses, specially designed for elementary school students grades three to six.

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  • Course 1 – Everybody Loves Green Workshop
    1. What are the environmental implications of a world without EfW plants?

    2. Understanding the history of waste management

    3. Understanding the benefits of incineration

    4. Where are Taiwan's EfW facilities?

    5. Understanding the relationship between population size and EfW plants.

  • Course 2 – The Little Helper
    1. Storytime

    2. Experience the physical space needed to store garbage

    3. Analyze the amount and type of garbage each person produces every day

    4. Reusing Waste

  • Course 3 – Cycle. Recycle. Transform.
    1. A new way of looking at things: Can garbage be gold?

    2. How do EfW plants turn garbage into gold?

    3. Using our knowledge to be environmentally friendly every day and turn garbage into gold — making environmentally friendly soap with waste oil!

    4. How to be kind to the Earth every day